Pest Masters MI West Bloomfield

Pest Masters Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in safe and effective pest control. If your home or business is struggling with unwanted bugs or animals, we’re the ones to call in the West Bloomfield area.

No two infestations are the same, and we are always ready to tailor our services to your exact needs. While we operate through tried and true strategies for ridding a building of common pests, we know how to implement those strategies in a way that will be up to your particular challenge. Even better, if our methods don’t work, and the problem returns, we return, too, and at no charge to you.

Count on our exterminators for a wide variety of insect removal and management. From bee, spider and ant control to the sometimes more pressing issue of termite and flea extermination, Pest Masters has what it takes to restore the comfort and safety of your living or working space. If you are dealing with larger pests, such as rodents, racoons or bats, we can help there as well. We strive to take care of the problem, while also being humane in our methods.

It is important to us that the tools we use pose no threat to you, your family or employees or your pets. We also want to remain mindful of the planet and our workers. For this reason, we ensure that our employees are well trained in how to perform their job, minimizing the risk of dangerous exposure.

When you need the ultimate in pest control in West Bloomfield, call Pest Masters, Inc. We’ll be glad to help you get rid of unwanted bugs and animals in your home or business.