Summer brings Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Wasps and Earwigs
  • Yellow jackets love to nest in the ground and wall voids
  • Hornets will build their nest in bushes, trees or soffits of your homes
  • Wasps make their next under soffits and deck rails
  • Earwigs will invade the home in the summer and early fall

Preventative Maintenance Customers will receive their 3rd treatment in August and their 4th in late September or early October.

Semi-annual Customers will receive their fall treatment in September and early October.

Fall brings Boxelder Beetles, Asian Beetles, and Spiders
  • Boxelder Beetles will move on to your homes to overwinter when Boxelder Trees defoliate.
  • Asian Beetles will also overwinter in you homes.
  • Spiders look for warm harborage (seek shelter from the cold)

Homeowners, remember late summer and fall are a great time to have your residences treated to prevent these pests from entering your home. Call Dale or Thom today for an estimate.

Remember when you call Pest Masters you will be speaking with one of the owners: Dale or Thom. We’re always happy to give you our advice.

If you need a “Bug” identified, send it to our office and we will identify it and tell you if a treatment is needed.

**Remember if they come back, we come back at no charge.