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Commercial Pest Control

Building a business takes never-ending thought, labor, and sacrifice. You put your heart, soul, sweat, and tears into launching, sustaining, and growing your company. You’ve also got the technical aspects to deal with, like maintenance, marketing and advertising and, of course, reputation management. Customers and clients hold you to the highest standards, no matter your trade or focus. Pests aren’t part of the overall plan, but they often work their way into the picture.

At Pest Masters, we are well aware of the challenges local business owners face. After all, we face them ourselves. Our pest control specialists are committed to keeping the task of dealing with pests off your list of worries. Your company is vulnerable to the complete list of vermin calling our state home. Those that pose the biggest threat to your business depend on your industry.

Retail Stores

From supermarkets to boutique clothing stores, cleanliness is as important to your customers as service and selection. Despite diligent cleaning efforts, pests are bound to show up at some point. Sometimes, it’s beyond your control. Customers are continually coming and going, giving flies and other insects ample opportunity to come inside. Of course, once they do, they seem to have a hard time finding their way back to their natural habitats.

Depending on the size and setup of your store, you may even have an issue with birds and other forms of wildlife. Aside from potentially destroying your merchandise, these larger intruders could pose health risks and physical dangers to your customers. We offer the specialized pest control retail store owners need to keep their inventory and visitors safe.


If you own a restaurant in the area, your patrons expect only the best from your establishment. Being vigilant in your pest control efforts falls into this category. A single mouse could contaminate thousands of dollars worth of food waiting to be prepared and served to your eager customers. Flies have a way of deterring customers, but a cockroach making its way across the floor could leave even your long-time regulars searching for a new go-to place for dinner.

Those who have patio areas may have even bigger pest control problems to contend with. Diners typically aren’t willing to share their meals with birds or rodents, but these nonhuman visitors may not always be willing to take no for an answer.

Whether dangerous or just disgusting, situations involving pests in restaurants generally don’t end well.

Regardless of the type of pest you’re contending with, you could have a more difficult issue on your hands. Not all pest control options are approved for use in food service and preparation areas. Some could cause more damage than they curb. You have to be careful when it comes to choosing the right methods, but we offer a full array of pest control solutions. We also know which ones are most effective as well as safe for your customers.

Medical Facilities

In the healthcare industry you are responsible for the well-being of your patients. Dealing with more than the typical microscopic bugs known to lurk in medical facilities could make your job a great deal more difficult. Pests making their homes in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings on their own counteract the safety and sterility needed in environments like these. You’re also combating those arriving with your patients and their visitors. Bed bugs are a common example.

Providing the best possible care for your patients is a bit more involved than simply eliminating pests. As in the food service industry, you have to be mindful of which measures are appropriate for your facility. Patients could have any number of sensitivities, as well as weakened immune systems, so they may be more vulnerable to some types of pesticides. We only use safe, odorless products designed for maximum pest control results.

Educational Institutions

Our local schools help mold future generations of community members and leaders. It’s a crucial and massive undertaking, but not exactly an easy task. You have to deal with the same types of intruders as area homes and businesses. In addition, bed bugs and lice are notorious for thriving and spreading in environments like schools and day care centers.

We are equipped to handle both the common and uncommon menaces threatening the health, comfort, and learning capacity of our children. Whether the problem lies in potential food corruption or simple classroom disruption, we have the answer. Again, we have the experience to determine which pest control solutions fit the situation, and we never resort to measures unsafe for youngsters.


Customers may never even enter your business but pests could have a negative impact on your employees. All it takes is a single mouse investigating someone’s desktop printer to disrupt every department within hearing range. From health concerns to matters of productivity, nuisances indigenous to the area can easily leave you and your staff members on edge.

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Local businesses help make our community what it is today. They drive the area’s internal economy and foster our growing tourism industry. Without them, growth and prosperity wouldn’t be possible. Pests have the power to destroy everything you’ve worked to build, but Pest Masters is here to make sure they never get the chance.

As authorities in pest control that commercial and industrial facilities rely on to keep them operating safely and efficiently, we serve all types and sizes of businesses. We understand you depend on your reputation to keep bringing in the customers. We’re in the same boat so building trust among our clients is our top priority.

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