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Pest Inspection

Why You Should Hire a Professional Pest Inspector

It's generally a good idea to hire a professional pest inspector because most people cannot tell the difference between mounds of dirt generated by earthworms in the soil or wood destroying insects leaving behind scraps from chewing wood. The piles are very similar to the untrained eye. However, most homeowners would never notice a pest invasion until it escalates to unruly proportions.

The pest inspectors will poke all around the exterior of the home, including the foundation, around the windows and the roofline, including rafters. If they find a soft spot, the pole will poke a hole into the wood, which often upsets some homeowners. We've actually watched sellers become so busy getting their knickers in a twist that there are holes in the house now that they don't stop to consider why the holes appeared.

After the inspector finishes with the pest inspections, the inspector will create a pest report, identifying the areas of concern and laying out the pest company's recommendations to cure the problems, including repairing any decaying wood.

Sometimes the pest report will identify areas of further investigation such as inaccessible spots, which could involve, for example, ripping off tile from a shower wall or digging a trench to wiggle further under the house in a tight crawl space.

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