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Nobody likes mosquito bites!

With mosquitoes, the itching and skin irritation that comes from mosquitoes bites is only one concern. Mosquitoes can also transmit multiple diseases, like West Nile & Encephalitis, to humans and pets.

Mosquito Prevention

Keep pesky mosquitoes at bay!

You can help keep mosquitoes out of your home by making sure windows and door screens fit snugly and are “bug tight” and gap-free, switching from regular outdoor lights to yellow “bug” lights, and keeping your gutters unclogged and clean.

Mosquito breeding grounds can be rampant in any place where there is standing, stagnant water. Inspect your yard – look for places that collect standing water – this might be your gutters, dog bowls, birdbaths and any type of container.

Mosquito Control Services

Sometimes prevention tips are not enough, and once you’re infested, you’ll want a professional pest control solution. Pest Masters has provided Southeast Michigan residents and businesses mosquito control solutions for decades.  Our pest control technicians will visit your property and provide convenienteffective mosquito control treatments to quickly control your mosquito problem. The mosquito control products we use are recommended for use around people, pets, and plants with confidence. 

Don’t wait until your yard is infested – Call Pest Masters!   With our fast and effective mosquito control service, you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors from spring to fall! 

Contact us at (800) 934-4770 for the safest and most effective pest control available in your area.


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