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  • Pest Masters - Pest Control Services in Michigan
  • Pest Masters - Pest Control Services in Michigan
  • Pest Masters - Pest Control Services in Michigan
  • Pest Masters - Pest Control Services in Michigan
  • Pest Masters - Pest Control Services in Michigan

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Service Spotlight

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants get their name because they excavate wood in order to build their nests. Their excavation results in smooth tunnels inside the wood. These are large ants ranging in size from one-quarter inch for a worker ant to up to three-quarters inch for a queen.

Pavement Ants

While ants are annoying when they gather in and around your yard and driveway, they are even more irritating when they enter your home. Do you need ant pest control?


Wasps come in many different types – nesting in attics, under eaves, in retaining walls, or in the ground. Like bees, wasp colonies can become large and pose a threat to your property. If wasps invade your attic, they may penetrate your drywall and eventually swarm your home. Prompt treatment of wasps will protect both you and your property.

Web Orb Spiders

Orb Weavers are difficult to distinguish from other kinds of spiders that live in webs, especially cobweb spiders. The best way to tell the difference between orb weavers and cobweb spiders is by looking at the web itself: the webs made by orb-weavers are very organized, and resemble a circular grid like Charlotte's web.


Known to transmit disease to humans and pets, finding mosquitoes in your home or business can be a scary thing. Besides itching and skin irritation, mosquito bites can transmit serious diseases such as the West Nile virus, encephalitis, and malaria.

Mice and Rats

Differences between mice and rats may seem obvious to many, but some of the differences may be more subtle than you think. Of course they both fall into the rodent family and both can cause extensive damage if they invade your home, but if you have them in your home, would you be able to determine which one you have? Depending on which one you may have in your home makes a huge difference when it comes to treating them.

Residential Pest Control

Nobody wants to share their home with unwanted guests, but certain pests pop up again and again in homes throughout Michigan. Whether ants have opted to make your kitchen their home or spiders are building webs under your bed, Pest Masters can help. We are experts in pest control and offer a variety of options to meet your needs when it comes to removing these visitors.

Maintenance Programs

We at Pest Masters, Inc. would like to extend our thanks to our valued customers for your continued support. We also would like to take this opportunity to remind you of our preventative maintenance program.