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What type of pest is that? Is it dangerous? Can it cause damage to my home or business? These questions are too important to leave to a layperson to determine.

When safety or costly damage to property is on the line or if you need a wood destroying insect report for a real estate transaction, it’s time to hire a professional from Pest Masters.

Pest Masters charges a reasonable fee for residential pest and termite inspections and FREE inspections for commercial business clients.

Pest Inspections – What to Expect?

When you choose Pest Masters for your home or commercial pest inspection, you can expect the following:

A highly-trained pest control professional will arrive at your scheduled time

Your home or business will be thoroughly inspected for pests – inside and out, rain or shine
We’ll seek out the most common hiding places where pests like rodents and insects can usually be found
We’ll look for entry points for pests like foundation cracks and sliding doors
If a problem was found, we’ll complete a comprehensive pest report that identifies the areas of concern and describes our recommendations
If we don’t find a problem, we’ll tell you that you don’t need our service – honesty is our policy

Please contact us at (800) 934-4770 to set up a pest inspection appointment.

Pest Problem?

Choose Pest Masters and our guaranteed services for all of your pest removal needs, year-round!

Wood Destroying Insect Report & Inspections


Inspections for Real Estate Transactions, FHA & VA loans

Pest Masters regularly works with real estate agents selling FHA and VA homes that require termite reports (also known as a “WDI” or wood destroying insect report). These inspections often take place during a real estate transaction to make sure the structure/foundation of the home has not been compromised by termite damage. These reports are also often required to secure a mortgage for a property. The typical wood destroying insect report uses Form NPMA-33 from the National Pest Management Association.

Wood Destroying Insects in Michigan

Termites: The most well-known type of wood-destroying insect is the termite. Termite issues in Michigan are largely caused by subterranean termites. The presence of these tubes along your foundation is a sign of a termite infestation.

Carpenter Ants: The most common wood-destroying insect in Michigan. Carpenter ants are commonly found in kitchens (especially around dishwashers), in bathrooms and in other areas of the home where water damaged or rotted wood is present.

Powderpost Beetles: This is a general term used to describe specific wood-boring insects that reduce wood to a flour-like powder.  These pests primarily impact unfinished, unpainted and/or unsealed wood that has low moisture content.

Carpenter Bees: Carpenter bees can be a serious property threat, as they can cause structural damage over time if left untreated. Male carpenter bees can be territorial and may hover in front of one’s face aggressively, but they have no stinger and these actions are merely for show. 

Certified Inspectors of Pest Masters

Our team will conduct a complete inspection for evidence of wood destroying insects. This entails a thorough evaluation of the structure, looking for signs of troublesome activity in and around your home or business.

Keep in mind, we do not offer treatments for termites, powderpost beetles, Asian long-horned beetles or offer any remediation services. However, all of our inspectors carry a state-issued ‘Category 7B’ certification. The results of the inspection will be submitted on Form NPMA-33. This form is approved by HUD for FHA and VA Loans.

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