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Pavement Ants

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Pavement Ants causing a nuisance?

Using do-it-yourself products often do not work when homeowners are dealing with pavement ants. Once ants begin dying off, others in the colony realize there is a problem and relocate, making it even harder to kill them. Please, call a professional!

About Pavement Ants

Pavement ants are one of the most common species in Michigan. They are slightly smaller than a grain of rice and are brown to black in color.

Pavement ant colonies are easier to find than those of other ants because of the dirt mounds that usually signal the entrances to their nests. While ants are annoying when they gather in and around your yard and driveway, it’s even worse when they enter your home. Ants are notorious for coming into your house through the tiniest of spaces to search for food. Any food that has not been properly sealed or disposed of is fair game for ants. Indoors, areas to look for pavement ants include sinks and plumbing, toilets, attics and the edges of carpets. One common way pavement ants enter a house is under sliding doors.

Though ants can really only smell food that is a foot or less away from them, they communicate very quickly to the rest of the colony to let them know they’ve found food in your home. So, even if you just see one ant in your home, there are probably hundreds more on their way.


Preventing Pavement Ants

Once the initial pest problem is taken care of, you need to take steps to prevent future ant infestations. This can be accomplished by frequently taking your garbage out of your home, sealing all food containers and other boxed pantry items into a well-sealed container.

Ants can make their way into a home or business through the tiniest of cracks. This may be a minuscule space under the front door, or it maybe a vent leading into the home. They nest anywhere – under foundations or in walls of the home. So make sure you have all the gaps and cracks around your home properly sealed with caulk, silicone, etc.

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