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Wasps buzzing around?

Our technicians are trained to identify wasp nesting locations. We can effectively treat and remove wasps’ nests from your home and property. We also offer maintenance plans to treat common nesting sites for ongoing wasp control.

What kind of Wasp Problem do you have?

The term “Wasp” can refer to a wide-range of stinging insects. They come in many different types and forms. Yellow Jackets and hornets are a sub-set of wasps.

You might find wasps nesting in attics, under eaves, in retaining walls, or in the ground. Like bees, wasp colonies can become large and pose a threat to your property. If wasps invade your attic, they may penetrate your drywall and eventually swarm your home. Prompt treatment of wasps will protect both you and your property.


Paper Wasps

Pest Control Picture of Paper Wasp - Pest Masters - 500

Paper Wasps are typically black in color with yellow markings. They build open-faced nests with hexagonal cells along soffit areas, playground equipment, and other small cavities. Paper wasps will generally only attack if they or their nest are threatened. Their stings, however, can be quite painful. Like other wasps species, only the fertilized females survive the winter. Old nests are abandoned late fall and other members of the colony do not survive the winter. New queens will build new nest the following season, but may build in the same location.


Mud Dauber Wasps

Pest Control Picture of Mud Dauber Wasp - Sphecidae or Crabronidae - Pest Masters - 500

Mud Dauber Wasps are typically black with yellow bands across the body and legs. Unlike the wasps above, Mud Dauber Wasps are solitary and typically pray on spiders. They are not aggressive, but will sting if they come in contact with a body. The female Mud Dauber Wasps build cells of mud in protected areas under eves or in cracks and corners of buildings. Each cell contains a paralyzed spider for the larva to feed on once hatched and multiple generations can emerge each year. They are not aggressive and unlikely to sting; however, don’t approach their nests without exercising extreme caution.


Cicada-killer Wasps

Pest Control Picture Cicada Killer Wasp - Sphecius speciosus - Pest Masters - 500

The cicada killer wasp is a large digger-wasp species.  They dig tunnels in the ground, causing unsightly damage to flower beds and lawns. Cicada killers are large, solitary wasps that use cicadas as prey and provision their nests with cicadas.  In North America, they are sometimes called sand hornets, although they are not hornets.  Although cicada killers are large, female cicada killer wasps are not aggressive and rarely sting unless they are grasped roughly, stepped upon with bare feet, or caught in clothing, etc.  Males aggressively defend their perching areas on nesting sites against rival males but have no sting.

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Rest assured that we’ll correctly identify the type of wasp that’s buggin you, create and execute a customized plan to remove them and ensure they don’t return. If they come back, we come back. No charge!

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